Furniture Care / Return Policy


Taking care of your new pieces 


Taking care of your Jonathan Charles Furniture - It's all in the detail...

We go to great lengths at Jonathan Charles to make each piece of furniture appear as if it were an original antique. Many antiques look great on the outside but structurally the adhesives and materials used are beginning to show the test of time. Use your furniture normally, it can take a coffee cup or a glass of wine but treat it with respect, as you would a 200 year old antique. For example, we would not recommend standing a plant pot directly on the wood surface, the moisture over a period of a day or so will leave a mark. So please stand it on a plate.

We only use the very best materials, from sustainable sources. We go out of our way to bring out the natural beauty with each piece. We are incredibly self-sufficient within our factory and out-sourcing is kept to a minimum. If we can make it ourselves, then we do. We make our own locks, keys, screws and hinges. This gives us greater control over the quality and the details of our product. To us it is all about the detail.


Return Policy


Buyer’s Remorse accepted only on the below conditions

- Subject to 25% Restocking fee

- Customer is responsible for paying all freight (original and return)

- Must be received back in perfect condition in the original packaging it was received

- Any credit card fees associated will the original purchase will not be credited

- Any material surcharges associated with the original purchase will not be credited.




Please contact , within 5 days of receiving merchandise.

Make sure to include the following:              

- Sku#

- Order #

- Pictures of damage, including detailed description issue

- Pictures of carton (if freight damage)

- Pictures of label and hangtag from the product as well as a pic of the label on the.


*** Jonathan Charles reserves the right to first provide a furniture technician to assess and repair any defects

- A replacement will be provided if Jonathan Charles deems it necessary after all other options have been explored.

- If damaged by freight carrier, Jonathan Charles will facilitate freight claims & final resolutions.